Kraaibos Community

The Community projects focused on the nearby Kraaibos village community – and much time and effort has spent in trying to find ways to provide a new and positive outlook for the village occupants.

 The community sits in a unique position, completely surrounded by a "big Five" game reserve. While the positive situation is that the village is based on employment in the adjacent Game lodges, the community members face the challenges of isolation by virtue of their geographic location. Lion Roars Foundation is attempting to alleviate these challenges and provide opportunities for advancement.

A hospitality training and placement program was introduced, with four young trainees finding places at the Lion Roars facility at Ibhayi in Port Elizabeth. Of the four trainees, three are now permanently employed in the group. We have also made great headway in improving the living conditions in the village and have introduced market gardening, having trained three villagers in intensive vegetable farming.

Assistance with the electrification of the village, in conjunction with the local authorities is well underway.

A honey bee project and associated industry is due to be introduced this year, with four hives already in place.



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