Coastal and Marine

As a number of the Lion Roars and Cape Hotels lodges and hotels are dependent on healthy coastal and beach systems, the Lion Roars Foundation is actively pursuing a Coastal Conservation and Community Program involving beach cleaning and monitoring of pollution levels on the Eastern Coast of South Africa. Estuaries and coastal river systems are important areas of concern. Ocean Force bracelets sponsor biannual beach cleaning campaigns and “Divers against Debris” programs, and it is our aim to extend this program to cover and support other meaningful conservation projects.

Lion Roars Foundation is proud to be the founder trustee of the:


The aim of the Seahorse Africa Foundation is to build partnerships to rmonitor and protect South Africas' estuary and marine environment through implementation of a scientifically sound, community-based management plan. The iconic species we represent is the endangered Knysna Seahorse. We will work with the Knysna Basin Project, the Plett Estuary forum , and the Plettenberg Bay Developmental Forum. We aim to form collaborative partnership with the Seahorse Foundation and the Seahorse Trust, specifically to ensure the survival and further research of the Syngnathid family.

The project will provide scientific monitoring of the rivers in the Plett basin, through the introduction of Hach Sonde meters - providing ongoing consistent and accurate measurement and recording of flow, physical data and chemical analysis. The Seahorse foundation will therefore be providing a “watchdog" service to the community.

The data recorded will then allow the Foundation to record and monitor the Marine life of the Bay, and where necessary work in conjunction with authorities and conservation bodies to enforce conservation and environmental discipline in the community. We anticipate hiring a young Marine Biologist in the near future who will undertake the monioring and conduct certain research projects in her own right.

The foundation through its close association with the Knysna Basin project will actively support Marine research through the assistance and funding of research students from the Universities of Port Elizabeth, Rhodes, Stellenbosch and Capetown. We already have advanced projects active on Seahorses and Mussels. We aim to expand this program in the near future to include other Iconic species.

We will be working closely with local schools and communities, introducing an estuary program, which will empower primary schools to monitor Estuaries and rivers as an educational and environmental service.

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