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Isipho Charity Trust

Isipho is a grass roots NPO which cares for the community in the small town of Paterson in the Eastern Cape. Isipho focuses on orphans and vulnerable children who are affected in any way by HIV/AIDS. As well as assisting children, the organisation provides health education and awareness to the community focusing on HIV, TB and diabetes. There are a number of support groups who meet at the Centre and there is a popular after-care programme available to all ages of children after their school day. 

Recently, a number of the funding channels available to the organisation have come to an end. Largely as a result of funding organisations moving focus and no longer being present in the geographic district. This has led to a sharp decrease in the number of carers that Isipho can employ and has reduced their effectiveness in the community. However, as an organisation which has been serving the Paterson community for over a decade they simply refuse to give up. 

 Through an exciting association with The Bead Coalition, Lion Roars Foundation and Amakhala Foundation there is new hope for the organisation to find a long term sustainable solution to some of their challenges. Members of the Women’s Health Support group who meet at Isipho regularly have now become a dynamic team of beaders. These ladies are earning a living making Rhino Force bracelets as part of the first extension of the BeadCo “factory” into the Eastern Cape. Not only are these ladies able to earn a living but also Isipho will receive direct benefit from hosting the project by utilising the profit share to improve facilities for the children and lessen the financial dependence on funders.

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