Our main projects for the 2015 to 2017 period are:

1. Amakhala Game Reserve (Kraaibos) Endangered Species Breeding and Animal Orphanage Center.
2. The “Beadco” Beading - Bracelet Project and Craft Center.
3. Conservation Projects - Security and Anti-Poaching.
4. Main Breeding and Conservation Program.
5. Community Development and Public Relations:
• Amakhala Foundation
• Umzi Wethu Employment Opportunities
• Baakens River Valley - Port Elizabeth
• Ocean and Coastal Conservation

1. Amakhala Game Reserve (Kraaibos) Endangered Species Breeding and Animal Orphanage Center:

The project is to further develop the Kraaibos facility to provide a center for endangered species animal breeding and rehabilitation. The previous owner successfully operated a cheetah breeding program at Kraaibos. The LRF would like to expand and renew this facility to incorporate an animal orphanage, breeding and care center with a view to rehabilitate certain species and reintroduce them to the reserves of the Eastern Cape.

Critical species breeding programs include the Blue Duiker program, and a rehabilitation center for Leopard, Caracal or Rooicat - under threat from local farmers because of livestock predation. Further projects under consideration include The African Wild Cat and the Black Footed cat.

2. The “Beadco” Beading and Bracelet Project and Craft Center:

The Lion Roars Foundation is working with the Beadco to set up a community enriching beading facility at Amakhala Game Reserve (Leeuwenbosch), in the barn adjacent to the airstrip. The concept is to run an operation involving up to 12 employees to manufacture the Beadcos’ range of bracelets, to package them accordingly and distribute them to Johannesburg for sale through the Beadcos’ existing retail outlets. In addition the bracelets will be sold in Amakhala Game Reserve lodges and outlets. All sales will effectively contribute towards the beading program and the anti poaching activities of the “Eye in the Sky” aerial operation. In addition, the Ocean Force range of bracelets will contribute to coastal conservation programs including beach cleaning and ocean plastics clearance undertaken by the foundation.

LRF undertakes to manage the program through its implementation, the upgrading of the barn facility, and the logistics of staff management, transport, and the manufacturing packaging and distribution of the product. In addition the Lion Roars Foundation will be actively selling Beadco products in the Eastern and South Western Cape.

3. Ongoing Conservation Projects - Security and Anti-Poaching:

Lion Roars Foundation has, during the last year, sponsored booster stations and towers to provide enhanced communications for the reserve Management, Ecology and Anti-poaching departments, including CCTV, wireless networks and internet with surveillance cameras at the gates. This initiative has vastly improved the Game Reserve operations.

Eye in the Sky Aerial surveillance - Lion Roars Foundation has, with RPA, built an airstrip and aircraft hangar to provide an aerial arm to the anti-poaching initiatives in the Amakhala and the Eastern Cape Game Reserves. The program continues with Lion Roars Foundation actively seeking sponsorship for operating expenses and maintenance of the facility. We are looking at the suitability and feasibility of replacing the Gyrocopter program from RPA with a Bat Hawk light aircraft to be based at Amakhala Game Reserve (Leeuwenbosch) air base. The Beadco with its Rhino Force bracelet program has indicated onward support for this program, in terms of sponsored operating costs. Helping Rhinos has also indicated that they will continue to help sponsoring the costs of the pilot.

4. Main Game Breeding - Self Sustaining Initiatives:

Lion Roars Foundation will be breeding certain “high worth” species in the Game Reserve as a means to self fund our conservation projects through Wildlife Auction sales. In particular, the management of the resident herd of Buffalo is recognized as a valuable contribution to our funding process.

The Lion Roars Foundation has always had a keen interest in boosting the Black Rhino population, a project that began with the introduction of two Black Rhino to the Amakhala Game Reserve in 2009. LRF will continue in this vein by actively pursuing the ‘Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Boards’ (ECPTB) stewardship initiatives. Once the security features of the Lion Roars Foundation anti-poaching initiatives are in place, the ECPTB have indicated that they may provide a breeding herd of black rhino to our custody. The lobbying and application process should take 12 months with implementation in early 2016.

5. Community Development and Public Relations:

The Lion Roars Foundation is dedicated to achieving its Community Upliftment and Conservation goals. In so doing we are actively and unashamedly aware of the positive results not only to Lion Roars but also to the country. As such we dedicate a large part of our time towards:

• Story Generation
• Good News Distribution
• Photographs and Graphics
• A positive spin on Travel, Tourism and Conservation in South Africa.

Our related projects include:

Amakhala Foundation - Lion Roars Foundation  works closely with the Amakhala Foundation which focuses on the environmental education of children in the Eastern Cape, through exposing them to the Game Reserves ecological and conservation activities. It also sponsors the Isipho Day Care center in the nearby village of Paterson.

Umzi Wethu - Lion Roars Foundation provides a valuable interface for graduates of the Wilderness Foundation’s Umzi Wethu program with the Lion Roars group of hotels and lodges - providing employment and training opportunities.

The Baakens River Valley - is the original greenbelt parkland of the city of Port Elizabeth, allowing local residents a healthy and beautiful outdoors destination. The Lion Roars Foundation has been actively involved in the rehabilitation of this valley, along with WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) and certain like-minded corporates. There is much work to be done on the river health and pollution thereof, and the community is encouraged to participate in the Lion Roars Foundation “Save Our Valley Family Fun Days”.

As a number of the Lion Roars and Cape Hotels lodges and hotels are dependent on healthy coastal and beach systems, the LRF is actively pursuing a Coastal Conservation and Community Program involving beach cleaning and monitoring of pollution levels on the Eastern Coast of South Africa.

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