World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day is a day for celebrating the spectacular Rhino and making people more aware of the challenges these animals face with rhino poaching on the increase around the world. These amazing animals have unfortunately become popular for their horns and are currently decreasing in alarming numbers around the world.

22 September 2011 was the second official World Rhino Day and the awareness created through the number of organisations and foundations around the world will hopefully make the public more aware of what is happening to these beautiful creatures.

To mark World Rhino Day, Lion Roars made a R5 donation to the Chipembere Rhino Foundation for every like we received on our Facebook page, Lion Roars - Destinations of Distinction.

Friends of the foundation went to our photo album "World Rhino Day - Make A Change" and tagged photos, adding their friends to share the cause and help us make a difference and STOP Rhino poaching.

We are extremely grateful to all our friends, family, guests and well-wishers for their support in this initiative.  The more we are, the stronger we are, and we are privileged to be fighting alongside you.  

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