Save our Valley

The Baakens River Valley

The Baakens Valley runs through the heart of Port Elizabeth and is one of the city’s treasures. It is under threat from many angles, among which crime and pollution are the hardest hitting. The Baakens Valley is a beautiful green belt that people have used in the past for recreation and pleasure. Such use is now threatened by the state of the Valley.

In 2010 the municipality advised the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa – Eastern Cape Region (WESSA), who employed 5 trained rangers deployed in the valley, that they could no longer afford to cover the cost of supervision and salaries for these rangers. The result was that there were no longer rangers in the Valley.

The Lion Roars Foundation decided to try to make a difference to the Baakens River Valley under the Save our Valley slogan.

As a kick start to the initiative, the Lion Roars Foundation in conjunction with Fattracks Mountain Bike Club held a fund-raising sports day on 13th February 2011 at Dodds Farm in the Valley at the bottom of 9th Ave Walmer. Mountain bike rides, various runs, walks and a kiddie ride together with refreshments and jumping castles all drew locals down to the Valley for an amazing family day, ending in a picnic under the trees. Seeing our community using the beautiful grassed picnic terraces the way they should be, with kids running around and moms and dads relaxing in the shade, was a fantastic experience for all of us.

As a direct result of the event, the municipality jumped in to help, cleaning up the Dodds Farm area and starting the rebuilding of the small bridges in the valley. What a great partnership.

Funds raised from the event were allocated towards:

  1. Security
  2. Dustbins
  3. Security signs on walk ways with contact numbers
  4. Alien vegetation removal
  5. Path clearing
  6. Refuse clean ups

Of course, your support would be greatly appreciated and should you want to make any form of contribution to the cause, please feel free to contact Brian Bailey at

If you'd prefer to make an anonymous cash donation, the Foundation's account details are:

The Lion Roars Foundation
First National Bank
Account: 62269231165
Branch: Walmer
Branch code: 211217

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