Rhino Memorial Service

Chipembere Foundation and the Amakhala Game Reserve held a memorial service for the rhino poached a year ago last week, and the rhino brutally killed on a neighbouring reserve earlier this year. It was attended by about 120 people, staff, well-wishers and guests alike, on the site of the poaching (just west of Hlosi). It was a very sad memorial, but the good news was that the very same morning we released a new male Rhino onto the reserve.

This rhino was bought from a dealer, and had damaged its horn during transport. The horn was removed, and the successful release means that the breeding programme on the reserve should continue, despite the on-going threat of poaching. Lion Roars and the Amakhala Game Reserve are proud to be associated with Chipembere Rhino Foundation, in what marks one of the most positive pieces of news in the rhino survival story to date.

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