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The Lion Roars Foundation (LRF) was formed in 2010 by Brian Bailey, Kevin Bailey and Peter Allanson with the three goals of:

• Partnering with local schools, orphanages and self-help projects on selected community initiatives,

• Conservation and protection of threatened Rhinoceros populations in Southern Africa,

• Conservation of the Baakens River Valley in Port Elizabeth.

The current plight of our natural heritage, particularly against rampant poaching levels, has focused our initiatives towards finding an effective means of protecting and increasing populations of all endangered species within our sphere of influence, particularly in the Amakhala Game Reserve (AGR) and environs. The aim is to do so while empowering the local communities to participate in self-sustaining projects wherever possible.

For the period 2015 - 2017, our focus is on the 3 C's of responsible, sustainable and effective NPO work :


“We must act now to ensure that our wild places are protected for all generations to come. But I see no place for protected areas unless they take the needs of local communities into consideration.” Nelson Mandela (1992)

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